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Life's Big Questions

Life's Big Questions

On Wednesday, my son leaves to attend his 5th Grade Science Camp for two days. This experience marks a milestone for him, a rite of passage, and a coming-of-age moment that all schoolchildren look forward to, as they rightfully should. It marks their initial sense of independence, stepping away from the comforts of home and the security of their parent's presence. It’s an important event for him and I hope he loves it as much as I did many years ago.

And while I am excited for him, I am also experiencing a mixture of emotions. There's a tinge of anxiety and concern, but also a looming sadness that reminds me just how quickly time is passing. This reality is forcing me to confront certain truths in my own life.

At the forefront, I want to savor more of the present moments with him and my family. To stop, take notice, hold onto these times, and etch the memories into my soul. And secondly, it brings to light some really big questions, such as “What is next for me? What am I uniquely called to do? and What legacy do I want to leave?” Not easy questions in the least bit and like an anthropologist, I am studying my own life to find the answers. Some have already begun to surface which I shared on the blog and others are still forming deep inside me, waiting to be shared.

As my son sets off for Science Camp, I can't help but feel a mix of excitement and apprehension. Life’s big questions seem overwhelming, but in moments like these – watching him venture into the world – I’m reminded that sometimes, the answers come from the simple act of living. I hope that he discovers a bit of his own path and purpose while away, just as I am discovering my own.
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