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Gems of Inspiration: The Love of Emeralds

Gems of Inspiration: The Love of Emeralds

For centuries, people have been mesmerized by the captivating beauty of emeralds. These vivid green gemstones are said to symbolize fertility and love, rebirth and growth.  Like people in centuries past, I have also been drawn into this fascination and admit that I love designing and creating pieces with emeralds. My love and appreciation for this gemstone are obvious throughout my work, such as my use of an emerald baguette as the centerpiece in my Color Wave Rectangle Pendant Necklace or the of emeralds in my Jumbo Sundown Hoops. It opens the imagination for so many reasons but I thought it would be good to mention my top 5!

The History

As a lover of history, this is what first drew me in. From their emergence in Ancient Egypt to today, emeralds have remained an eternal symbol of fertility, renewal, and rebirth. Adorning the tombs of Pharaohs for thousands of years, these revered gems also grew popular with Greeks and Romans as a wellspring for fresh starts and new beginnings. Over the years, emeralds have been sparkling beacons representing hope across all cultures. These powerful gemstones still grace many wrists worldwide and will continue to for years to come.

The Color

Admittedly the bright green color of emeralds is, well... amazing! The vibrant hue of this gemstone draws you in and keeps you there, dancing and playing with the light, creating a delight for the eyes. Symbolizing new life and growth, the hue of vibrant emeralds is often linked to hope, wealth, status, and luck worldwide.

The Rarity

Emeralds are among the rarest minerals, making them immensely valuable and sought-after. As gemstone enthusiasts know, their scarcity means that these beautiful beryl stones can only be found at select locations around the world - add to these challenging conditions for mining operations, andyou'll begin to understand why emerald jewelry is so exclusive.


The Symbolism

Emeralds are treasured around the world for their unparalleled beauty and deep symbolism. Said to bring luck, prosperity, and new beginnings throughout history, these ancient gems boast a timeless appeal that continues today. Representing wealth, power, and growth in many cultures - emeralds make perfect gifts for those wanting to bestow someone with good fortune or mark meaningful moments of life's journey. Wearing this enigmatic stone will open you up to abundant possibilities making it an aspirational staple piece!

The Healing Benefits

Emeralds have been a source of beauty and healing for centuries. Not only are these precious gems aesthetically pleasing, but many believe that wearing them can also bring mental clarity and focus and reduce stress and anxiety. Even though the science behind their power is uncertain, I do know that emerald jewelry always looks stunning.
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