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A New Narrative for Eternity Rings

A New Narrative for Eternity Rings

The tradition of eternity bands traces its origins back around 4,000 years to ancient Egypt. Although the Egyptians didn't use these rings to mark a particular event, they regarded them as symbols of both eternal love and life, emphasizing their enduring significance.

Early examples show simple metal bands, crafted from precious or non-precious materials, adorned with stones on the upper half, or encircling the entire ring. Additionally, some ancient designs imitated the depiction of a snake consuming its own tail, symbolizing eternity and commonly known as the 'ouroboros.'

The popularity of eternity rings waned for centuries until the 1960s when they resurfaced in the jewelry world and DeBeers brilliantly marketed as gifts for husbands to give their wives. Their popularity continues to remain strong today and now eternity rings have become synonymous with marriage commitment and everlasting love.

I appreciate the deep symbolism and significance of eternity rings, but I believe it's time to change the narrative. Instead of receiving them as a symbol of enduring love from a partner, women need to purchase an eternity ring to celebrate their commitment to themselves. Embracing their own self-love and acknowledging their dreams and the journey of their life.

Our Eternity Rings are a bit more non-traditional and a perfect representation of this new narrative. They feature different cut stones from baguettes to princess cuts to round brilliants in a rainbow of colors, including tsavorite, pink sapphires, and blue sapphires. Each can be worn alone or in a stack. Wear them however you choose, knowing they represent your commitment to yourself. Your Self-Love.







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