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We know we love our jewelry and in turn it will love us forever if we take great care of our pieces. Here are some jewelry care tips to make sure your JENNIFER DEMORO JEWELRY keeps forever.

Keep It Dry…Though tempting and stylish to wear all the time, be sure to never bathe or swim in your jewelry. And avoid wearing your jewelry to the gym.

We all love to look pretty and smell great, but chemicals in these products are harmful to your jewelry. Apply lotions, perfumes, makeup and other body sprays prior to putting on your jewelry.

Cleaning your jewelry will help it to last forever. Use a soft cloth to wipe off your jewelry. Do not use abrasives, brushes or other cleansers. Instead use a mild detergent (Dawn) and be sure to dry thoroughly. Other products will cause scratches on both the gemstones and metal.

To prevent oxidation, store your jewelry in separate Ziploc baggies and place the baggies in your jewelry box.

Care for your jewelry with a gentle hand. Tugging on chains, clasps, pendants or other parts may damage and break your jewelry.

As a simple rule of thumb, remember, “Your jewelry is last on, first off.”