Photo of Jennifer DeMoro

Thank you for coming to Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry-I am thrilled you found your way here. Since you are new, I wanted to share a bit about myself and my jewelry.

Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is the result of my lifelong love of jewelry which started when I was a young girl. Playing in my mom’s jewelry box. I found a set of gold gemstone bangles that I fell in love with and which started my dream of designing and creating jewelry. I held this dream privately for decades and it wasn’t until after the birth of my son that I took the leap of faith. I left my 20-year career in education with my dream to create beautiful jewelry that meant something more. So, after a few twists and turns, I founded Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry in 2021.

Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is deeply rooted in my childhood. I grew up in the late 70’s-a decade rich in cultural magic. On one side, it was a decade of peace, love, and creativity; on the other, it marked the beginnings of feminism, individuality, and activism. All of these ideas had a profound impact on who I am today. I'm inspired by the music, the fashion, and the art of this decade, as well as, the overall attitude of freedom, self-expression and boldness that the women of that era began to exemplify. The 70's were a time when women were exploring new things, pushing boundaries, and seeking new definitions of female identity. All of this is what I bring to my jewelry. Each of my pieces reminds me of some part of this…whether it was my days of rollerskating at the Rolladium, singing along with my favorite ABBA songs, watching the Sonny and Cher show with my mom, seeing Lauren Hutton on the cover of fashion magazines, or learning about strong women like Gloria Steinem who fought for Women’s Rights.

Empowering a woman’s strength, spirit, and individuality is at the very core of Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry. I want to create pieces that resonate with women of all ages and remind them of their unstoppable character. I am very proud to stand behind this message and the idea that my jewelry celebrates a woman’s freedom of self-expression-however this may look for them.

I invite you to step into this world- a place full of bold gold and kaleidoscope gemstones, fused with good vibes, a strong design point of view, and the cultural magic of the 1970’s that I bring forth from my childhood.

xx, Jenn