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Styling Unique Decorative Chains: The Timeless Appeal of Barley Corn Styles

Styling Unique Decorative Chains: The Timeless Appeal of Barley Corn Styles

Decorative chains have become my recent style obsession. There's an enchanting quality in how they effortlessly enhance any outfit with a touch of sophistication and style. When designing for my collection, I was instantly drawn to one style in particular, the barley corn chain. My barley corn chains are handmade in heavy 18K yellow gold and will be your new classic chain.

In this blog post, I delve into the unique allure of the barley corn chain style and why I decided to create my version of this decorative chain. Plus, you'll get tips and some ways I like to style this chain with my other pieces. 

The Unique Appeal of Barley Corn Chains

Barley Corn Bracelet with Pearl Clasp by Jennifer DeMoro.

I love our Barley Corn Chain because of its distinctive design. Each link in our chain is tapered, rounded, interconnected, and resembles a grain of barley, hence the name.  Unlike typical chains, our barley corn style has a scalloped profile that's both unique and interesting. The intricate links add depth and dimensionality, making this chain a must-have accessory.

Historical Roots and Timeless Design

The exact origin of the barley corn chain is not known, however it was during the 1960s and 70s, that this style became very popular.  This historical connection gives the chain a nostalgic charm and if, like me, you love vintage aesthetics, then this is the chain style for you.

Despite its retro roots, the barley corn chain has a timeless quality that allows it to blend seamlessly with modern styles. This fusion of old and new is one of the reasons I chose this style to be a part of my collection.

Versatility in Styling

Barley Corn Chain with Lapis Inlay Clasp by Jennifer DeMoro.

One of the key features of the barley corn chain is its versatility. I added extra links to our barley corn chains, allowing them to be adjusted to different lengths. This makes them incredibly adaptable, whether you want to wear them as a choker or a longer necklace. Here are some of my favorite ways to style barley corn chains:

#1 Choker Style

For a chic, sophisticated look, wear the barley corn chain as a choker. This style pairs beautifully with off-the-shoulder tops or dresses, drawing attention to the neckline and adding a touch of elegance. The unique links of the chain ensure that even a simple choker style is far from ordinary.

#2 Layered Look

Layering necklaces is a great way to add depth and interest to your outfit. The barley corn chain can be worn at its normal length and paired with other necklaces of varying lengths and styles. This creates an eclectic vibe that's perfect for casual outings or festivals. The intricate design of the barley corn chain adds texture and contrast when layered with more delicate pieces.

#3 Statement Piece with Pendants

Adding a pendant to the barley corn chain can transform it into a statement piece. The larger links of the chain provide a sturdy base for bold pendants, enhancing their impact. Whether you choose a vintage locket, a gemstone pendant, or a personalized charm like the Disco Initial charms, this combination can create a striking look that draws all the right kinds of attention.

Why Barley Corn Chains?

Incorporating barley corn chains into my collections is my way to celebrate their enduring appeal and versatility. Their historical significance and unique design make them a standout choice for anyone looking to elevate their jewelry game. Whether worn alone or layered, these chains offer endless possibilities for personal expression.

Barley corn chains exemplify the beauty of unique decorative chains. Their intricate design, historical roots, and versatile styling options make them a favorite in any jewelry collection. By embracing the timeless appeal of our barley corn chain, you can create looks that are both classic and contemporary, adding a touch of elegance and personality to any outfit. So next time you're looking to elevate your style, consider reaching for a barley corn chain—you won't be disappointed!

I wanted my barley corn chain designs to be extra special and aimed for a distinctive take on the traditional design. While typical barley corn chains are known for their small and delicate links, my versions feature bold and striking links that stand out. These luxurious chains incorporate more gold, giving them a rich and opulent feel.

About Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry

Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry draws inspiration from the fiercely independent and those who live boldly with style and substance. Her designs celebrate the strength of women, from the pioneering trailblazers of history to the contemporary muses of today. Rooted in the rich cultural nostalgia of the 1970s, Jennifer honors the era's distinctive color palettes, shapes, patterns, and forms. She skillfully blends these classic elements with modern sensibilities, resulting in jewelry pieces that radiate a lasting sense of individuality and charm.

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