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Jewelry Crush: Cigar Bands

Jewelry Crush: Cigar Bands

Cigar Bands” are more than just a fashion statement; they're a tribute to a rich history. Inspired by the elegant paper bands adorning cigars in the 1800s, these rings carry the legacy of craftsmanship and sophistication pioneered by Gustave Block. Back then, these bands weren't merely functional; they were miniature works of art, a testament to Block's dedication to quality. Years later, these cigar bands became a mark of differentiation between all cigar makers. It was only a matter of time before these cigar rings intended only for cigars jumped over to become on the  the new jewelry of the 19th century and they continue to be a popular style for all jewelry lovers and especially here at Jennifer DeMoro.

We have taken this inspiration and created several different styles of Cigar Rings throughout our collections  Our Cigar Rings have a bit of nostalgia mixed into contemporary styles.

Take, for instance, the 18k Gold Orli Cigar Band from our Solara Collection. With its captivating 70s vibes and a touch of Ziggy Stardust allure, this ring is a true standout. Adorned with a striking lightning bolt centerpiece, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of multi-colored baguettes, it's a bold statement of individuality. The open cutout adds a hint of allure, evoking a sense of retro-chic that's undeniably captivating.


Another favorite is our Stardust Sundown Ring. This ring is architectural in nature and feels a bit like an ancient relic, but it is still very contemporary to wear today. Its design showcases emerald and blue topaz baguettes encircling the center, which accentuate the elegant arches.

At Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry, we are reinvigorating the cigar band ring and invite you to explore our collection of rings (and more). 


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