I draw inspiration from so many different facets of life. Here are a few of the main elements that influence my collections:

My Family

My first, and most important source of inspiration, is my son.

This little guy was a welcome surprise for me at 44!  From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew that he chose me for a reason. And he shows me the true meaning of happiness everyday. 


And my big guy.... love the little life my husband and I have created for ourselves. We share an amazingly loving connection and 



Nature + Color

The combinations of shapes, patterns, textures and colors  in nature have always been a  source of inspiration for me. This is one of the reasons I love working with gemstones--their naturally-vibrant hues instinctively provide a beautiful centerpiece for my jewelry.  Living along the beach in California I’m also influenced by the colors of the coastal landscape and the ocean. You’ll see this reflected in the warm tones of the gold I use- an echo of the sand, paired with the cool hues of gemstones that parallel the water, plants and shells of the beach.


It is the simple moments, the people we share them with, the unexpected surprises, these are the ones we remember, reminisce about and cherish. Through my jewelry, I aim to create meaningful tokens that help celebrate these everyday moments.