Jennifer DeMoro designs inspirational and timeless fine jewelry collections that honor every woman’s uniqueness and beauty. Intended to create a meaningful connection with the wearer, Jennnifer focuses on classic, modern and elegant jewelry that celebrates a woman’s full individual expression.

 Jennifer carefully sources the finest, most beautiful and high quality materials and creates each piece with meticulous attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, intention and a lot of love. The vivid hues of precious gemstones, elegant sparkle of diamonds and the rich, warm tones of 14 and 18K gold are core elements in all her designs. Jennifer handcrafts her jewelry in her coastal Southern California studio and works with a select group of master craftspeople. She is a firm believer in quality, integrity and designing jewelry that is timeless and sustainable - intended to be worn every day and passed down to the next generation - to be cherished forever.

The love for jewelry has been a part of Jennifer’s life for as long she can remember .The discovery of her Mother’s jewelry box at a young age became a pivotal moment in her life when the world of jewelry became her passion. The magical word of exploration, hidden meanings and peaked the curiosity and creativity of young Jennifer. The found treasures included precious pieces that were passed down from Jennifer’s great- aunt from Austria. An inspirational woman in her own right, she was a very successful business woman and a lover of the finer things in life. Jennifer was enchanted with and felt a deep and special connection to a woman she never knew. She was totally enamoured with the European charm, the feminine details, craftsmanship, the delicacy of the design, and the vibrant colored gemstones. Through her exploration and vivid imagination, she recreated the story of her great-aunt’s life - her celebrations, her milestones, her entire life history. Wearing these pieces made Jennifer feel beautiful, confident and loved. Spending summers in Austria from the time she was a young girl through her teenage years opened the door to a love of history and a deep connection to her heritage.

Jewelry was a constant heartbeat that she carried even as she pursued a different career path as a teacher. The shaping of young minds was second nature to her, but her love of learning brought her closer into the world of jewelry . She became a student and expanded her jewelry skills and knowledge.

The familial and historical connection remains a constant and core source of inspiration in Jennifer’s collections. Multi - faceted sources of inspiration lend a cumulative effect that shape Jennifer's creative outlook including world travel, art history, nature, color and life’s most important milestones. Built on a foundation of timeless design, all these elements carry heavy influences and are reflected in her designs, allowing the wearer to seek their own personal and individual interpretation and connection. Most importantly, the birth of her son, who arrived as a later- in- life surprise, allowed for and was the impetus for Jennifer to pursue her dream and launch her jewelry line in 2013 . Her creative channel is fully expressed through and for the love of her son ,the inspirational women that surround Jennifer in her daily life, and, of course, her love and lifelong passion for fine jewelry.

Jennifer attended the acclaimed Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and is currently pursuing her credentials at the Gemological Institute of America. She is an active member of the Women’s Jewelry Association of San Diego.

Jennifer welcomes customizations, commissions and recreation of inherited jewelry or older jewelry you no longer wear to design your next new found treasure.

“​I would love to be a part of your most precious moments in life and to help you feel unique, cherished and beautiful.” -Jennifer DeMoro