Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is a fine jewelry line designed and based in Southern California since 2013. With a penchant for conversational and unexpected fine jewelry, Jennifer’s designs are filled with fun loving color, personality and exemplify the ‘California Cool’ aesthetic.

Jennifer’s jewelry has a classic West Coast feel that is both bohemian and rich in color, while also being elevated with a touch of glamour. Clean lines and shapes are met with vivid pops of color for a relaxed coastal vibe that Californian style is known for.

Jennifer has spent years cultivating her distinctive design sensibility. She borrows inspiration from the cultural nuances of California in the 70’s: the arresting artwork, laid back fashion sensibility, and booming beach lifestyle. She is able to capture these nostalgic feelings with colored stones that are vibrant and saturated, inspired by Southern California sunsets.

Jennifer believes jewelry can be transformative and elevate not only someone’s style, but their mood too. Her goal is to create jewelry that transports women into a magic hour — those moments when they can be at their best and most beautiful. It’s not so much a place, but a state of mind.