February Birthstone....Amethyst


Happy February and Happy Birthday to all of you born in this second month of the year! You all share one of the most beautiful and powerful stones that is believed to heal its owner and provide protection. 

Known for its deep purple hue, the amethyst has a rich history. In Ancient Greece, the stone was thought to guard against intoxication from Bacchus. And at one time, only royalty could wear the purple gem. Today, amethysts are quite popular and even adorn the hands of Bishops and Popes.


Amethysts are categorized as a stone of power and are believed to strengthen relationships and provide its wearer courage. Additionally, it is a dream stone; so if you suffer from insomnia put an amethyst under your pillow to encourage pleasant dreams.


February birthdays....have fun celebrating your big day and enjoy your birthstone! Wear it with style and know that it brings you a little more protection, serenity and peace.



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