January's Birthstone...Garnet

January's Birthstone...Garnet



Garnet Gemstone


Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to all of you born in this first month of the year! You are a lucky bunch since you have in common one of the oldest gemstones, rich in history and lore.

Categorized as one of the first precious stones, garnets were worn by the likes of King Solomon, Egyptian pharaohs and Greek nobility alike. And it's appeal continued into Medieval Times as warriors adorned themselves with garnet talismans in order to provide strength, endurance and vigor. This deep red stone was also a favorite of Victorian jewelers and especially loved in Bohemia, now present day Czech-Republic.

Garnet and Pearl Drop Earrings

The garnet is best known for its deep fiery red color Pyrope but their color can range from browns to the orange of Spessartine to the deep greens of Tsavorite, a relative newcomer on the gemstone scene.

Garnets are said to provide a protective and calming influence and bring about love, passion and friendship. And surprisingly attract more luck in business.

January birthdays...have fun celebrating your big day and enjoy your birthstone! Wear it with style and know that it brings you a little more success, business and most importantly love!






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