Jewelry Care 101


I have to admit that I used to be that woman who did not always care for her jewelry properly. Quite honestly I was lucky if I remembered to even take off my pieces at night. My jewelry would fall haphazardly down wherever I may be, whether the bathroom counter, my nightstand or on top my jewelry box.

But after battling through endless twisted chains and extra cleanings I changed my mind quickly on how to properly care for my pieces. 

Here are some easy care tips to keep your jewelry beautiful forever.

** Keep it dry...Though tempting and super cute to wear, try to not bathe or swim in your jewelry. And along with that, keep your jewelry out of the gym.

** We all love to look and smell pretty but chemicals in these products don't mix well with your jewelry.  Apply lotions, perfumes, makeup and other body sprays prior to putting on your jewelry.

**Use a soft cloth to wipe off your jewelry after each wear and to make your pieces shine bright.

**Store your pieces separately from other jewelry, preferably in an airtight cloth or plastic bag.

**Avoid using abrasive cleaning chemicals. Instead wash your jewelry with a mild diluted detergent solution and a toothbrush. Make sure to dry thoroughly. 

**A simple rule of thumb: Last On...First Off.


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