Word of the Year for 2015

Welcome 2015! Let's admit it....the start of a new year is great!  And I think 99% of the population would agree with this statement. For me a new year is like a blank canvas. A canvas on which I dream, scheme, plan and act. And this year is no different since I have some pretty big plans for myself --both personally and professionally.

For the past three years, I have chosen a touchstone word to help guide me along my path for the year.. My first word was "create" and that year my son was born and I created my first full fledged jewelry business. Following that I chose "nurture" and I spent the year nurturing my son, my relationships, myself, my business and my dreams.

This year I have decided to take a somewhat different approach in choosing my word. I knew I wanted a word or phrase that was a constant reminder to move forward and push myself. I wanted it to be motivating, inspiring and most of all concrete.  And after lots of thought, I decided upon my 2015 Word of the Year: Inspired ACTION. 

Do you choose a Word of the Year? How has this practice helped you?

xoxo Jenn








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