Why Everyone is Going Crazy Over Permanent Bracelets

Have you been seeing those gorgeous permanent bracelets all over your social media feeds and wondering what they are? These trendy bracelets, also known as welded, soldered, or forever bracelets, have become incredibly popular in recent years. I've got all the info on this must-have accessory, so whether you're a permanent bracelet newbie or doing some last-minute research before making a purchase, we've got you covered. So let's dive in and discover the world of these amazing bracelets together!

So what are permanent bracelets?

It's a good question, but the answer is simple. Permanent bracelets are all the rage right now, and they're super easy to understand - they're simple chain bracelets generally made of either 14k yellow or white gold (and sometimes silver) that are welded or soldered together directly onto the wrist. Unlike regular bracelets, these bad boys don't have a clasp, so you can't take them off but trust us, you won't want to. As a seasoned jewelry designer, I was drawn to the symbolism behind this trend, and for many designers, such as myself, it's why we fell in love with jewelry in the first place, so my curiosity took me down this path. These bracelets have been taking the jewelry scene by storm, and Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is now officially in the permanent jewelry business to offer this unique and elegant piece of jewelry.

Why do people get permanent bracelets?

I've written the many reasons to get permanent jewelry in my blog, but to summarize… 

Many see permanent bracelets as a way to celebrate the bond between mothers and daughters, best friends, girls' night in, weddings, and bridesmaids. The bracelets can be matching or similar designs with slight variations and can be adorned with gemstone charms to make them truly special. The jewelry is a constant reminder of the love and connection shared between the individuals and the memories created together. As many have told me, it's about the relationship, the link, the connection, the bond between those that mean so much to us.

What materials are commonly used in the creation of permanent bracelets?

If you're researching permanent bracelets, you'll probably quickly notice that most of them are made of either 14k yellow or white gold. If you know about my own brand, Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry, you know about my love of gold (hello 18k), but when it comes to permanent bracelets, 14k gold is queen!

A few of the main points on why gold can be summarized in the following. 

#1 Gold is just a very durable metal and holds up to the rigors of everyday life much more than many other metals

#2 Gold is just a gorgeous metal and opens the door to accessorizing it with beautiful gemstone charms. There is something so gorgeous about gold and gemstones, don't you think?

#3 People generally don't have allergic reactions to gold, but other metals, such as silver, have a much higher allergic reaction rate.

So how do the appointments work?

Booking an appointment with Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is a breeze. You can choose to visit the JDM Home Studio, or I can come to you. Typically, appointments consist of 2-8 people celebrating friendships, family, and life milestones. During in-person appointments, you'll have the opportunity to choose your style of chain and even add some optional gemstone charms for a personalized touch. The process of crafting the bracelet onto your wrist takes about 10-15 minutes per person, and I'll personally handle the crafting to ensure a perfect fit. It's a fun, safe, and exciting experience.





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