Super Seventies

The 1970s were a time of great change. The world was in the midst of a social and political revolution, and this could be seen in the fashion, artwork, design, and jewelry of the time. This decade emphasized self-love, self-expression and creativity.

While fashion in the 60's pushed the traditional envelope of the previous decades, it was the 70's that took it to the next level. People were experimenting with color, new styles and trends. This was also the case for jewelry, art, and design. Many contemporary designers emerged during this time, and they brought with them fresh ideas and concepts.

One of the most popular jewelry trends of the 1970s was the "mood ring." What started as a fad soon became a fashion must-have. These rings were simple enough-a single crystal stone set atop of plain band. The stones changed color when worn depending on the person's body temperature; each color was associated with a "mood". The mood ring was an instant hit for this Me generation. 

Another popular jewelry trend of the 1970s was the use of colorful stones. Turquoise, amethyst, and opal were all popular choices. These stones were often used in statement pieces such as pendants or rings. 

Fashion in the 1970s was also marked by the emergence of new designers. Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld were two of the most influential designers of the time. Westwood is credited with popularizing the punk look while Lagerfeld helped define the decade's chic aesthetic.

Artwork and design were also influenced by the political and social climate of the times. The rise of feminism and other social movements led to a new wave of artists and designers who were interested in exploring these issues through their work.

One of the most iconic design trends of the 1970s was disco. This style was defined by its glittering fabrics, bold colors, and sequined dresses. It was a time when people let loose and had fun with their fashion choices.

The 1970s were a decade of change and creativity. From fashion to art to design, there was much experimentation going on. And while some trends have come and gone, others have stood the test of time and are inspiration for many of the pieces in my collections. 

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