Opals for October

The history of opals is steeped in mythology and legend dating back to ancient times. In Ancient Greece, opals were believed to be created when the tears of Zeus, god of thunder and lightning, fell to the earth. Others believed that opals were created by the goddess of love, Venus, who was said to have spilled her watercolors across the sky. Romans believed that opals were a combination of the beauty of all the precious stones, and that they symbolized love and hope. Europeans have long considered the gem a symbol of hope, purity, and truth with some magical powers thrown in. Today, opals remain one of the most eye-catching, enchanting and desired stones found in jewelry.  These iridescent stones have been revered and treasured for their beauty, mysticism, and captivating play of color. 

mood ring


This play of color was the biggest draw for me as I began designing my latest Color Wave Collection, in particular the Color Wave Mood Ring and Pendant.  Wanting to modernize the classic 1970’s mood ring, I chose dark opals with a beautiful blue-green play of color that felt reminiscent of these iconic rings.  And since opals are emotional stones that reflect the mood of the wearer-I felt that they were perfect for this new design but with a twist!