My take on the iconic 70s Gold Moon Ring

History 101

The history of opals is steeped in mythology and legend dating back to ancient times. In Ancient Greece, opals were believed to be created when the tears of Zeus, god of thunder and lightning, fell to the earth. Others believed that opals were created by the goddess of love, Venus, who was said to have spilled her watercolors across the sky. Romans believed that opals were a combination of the beauty of all the precious stones and that they symbolized love and hope. Europeans have long considered the gem a symbol of hope, purity, and truth with some magical powers thrown in. Today, opals remain one of the most eye-catching, enchanting, and desired stones found in jewelry.  These iridescent stones have been revered and treasured for their beauty, mysticism, and captivating play of color.

So that’s the history lesson, but what do mood rings and their colors mean to me?

As a young girl in the late 70s (don’t guess my age), the mood ring was the epitome of cool. All my friends seemed to have one and they all knew how much I loved them.  Although I loved my friends, I can recall them throwing it back in my face that I was the only one without this elusive ring that seemed to have magical powers. URGH. Makes me mad just thinking about it :)

Fast forward a few decades,  that young girl with all that wonder is still there but now with the gifts of creativity and knowing that anything is possible. I’ve taken that love of that little ring and merged it with my obvious love of gold (18k gold that is).  I still have a fondness for 14k as well, but gosh, 18k gold just has that richer color and that extra extra lux feeling.

Through countless sketches and iterations on my iPad, I worked very hard to evolve the look that I loved in the 70s with my more aesthetic taste now in the 2020s.  During these iterations and wanting to modernize the look, I chose dark opals with a beautiful-green play of color that felt reminiscent of these iconic rings, and since opals are emotional stones that reflect the mood of the wearer, well, let’s just say that Opals were the only stone that I felt worthy of this design.

So with the objective of creating both a gorgeous gold mood ring (Color Save Mood Ring) and mood ring necklace (Color Wave Oval Pendant Necklace).  I created pieces that I absolutely adore! Finding the opal for this design took extra attention and time (thank you Hopkins Opal) but between Hopkins Opal, we found the right Opals to play with the 18k gold color and the wavy gemstone design on the sides of the ring. Unlike the 70s design where your body heat defined the color, ours looks to empower and emphasize who you truly are. Unique, powerful and wonderful.

I think the young girl in me would be very proud of the work I’ve done and of course, would show it off to all her friends.

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