My Latest Jewelry Crush: Cigar Band Rings

Cigar Band Rings as the name suggests, is a ring style that draws inspiration from the paper bands placed around cigars in the 1800s. Gustave Block has been largely credited for this invention and for ensuring that his cigars were of the highest quality. Others followed his lead, and by the mid-1800, cigar bands became beautiful pieces of art in their own right. It was only a matter of time before someone placed one of these decorated cigar rings on their fingers, and it became a desirable piece of jewelry

Today, cigar bands come in all shapes and sizes and vary from simple metal rings to more complex styles decorated with enamel, stones, and engravings. Here at Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry, I love a good modern twist on a throwback, so I ensure all of my collections include a cigar band-style ring design.

The 18k Gold Orli Cigar Band from our Solara Collection has all the 70s vibes we love, and a definite Ziggy Stardust feel to it. The unique design has an iconic lightning bolt at the center surrounded by multi-colored baguettes, which include emerald, blue topaz, pink and orange sapphire, and citrine. The open cutout reveals a bit of skin, and the overall look is a funky retro vibe. 

Within our Color Wave Collection we have the 18k Color Wave Tier Ring, which is another interpretation of the classic cigar band style. This unique design allows you to wear it several ways, with the opening on top of your finger to reveal a bit of skin or turned around for a classic thicker cigar band look. The tiered design feels luxurious and creates a timeless look. Each tier is set with gorgeous gemstones, such as blue sapphires, blue topaz, and amethyst, and our signature color play gives this ring a fun yet refined feel and is easy to wear every day. It will take you from day to night!



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